The Prelude Music Foundation was founded with the mission to transform the lives and education of underserved children in Houston through the power of music.

By bringing Music Together®, a research based music and movement program that supports Texas Pre-K and Kindergarten Guidelines to classrooms, the Prelude Music Foundation will ensure the power of music transforms the cognitive, language, social, physical, and emotional development of every child.

Our goal is for children to experience, experiment, create, heal and learn through the power of music.

Our Mission

Prelude Music Foundation’s mission is to transform the lives and education of children in Houston through the power of music.


We teach Music Together®, a research-based music and movement program, to children in low income schools on a weekly basis.


We also provide professional development to classroom teachers, giving them the tools and support for implementing musical learning. Aural, visual and kinesthetic methods are utilized to support all learning styles.


Our Vision

Our dream is that one day the lives of all children in Houston will be enriched, empowered and inspired by music-making.


Our Program

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Who We Serve


We currently bring music to over 1,600 pre-kindergarten students in 5 schools in Houston:

We also bring music to foster-children and caregivers at Casa de Esperanza de Los Niños and have partnered with Small Steps Nurturing Center, where we are in the extraordinary position to provide an exemplary early childhood program to three new classrooms as the fledgling Gulfton Campus.

In our partnerships with Collaborative for Children and Neuhaus Education Center, each of our organizations is sharing expertise in order to provide the best education to an additional 1,200 students.

Why We Serve


40% of third graders were reading at "Meets Grade Level" in 2018

1 in 8 low-income 8th graders complete a postsecondary credential

47% of students in Harris County were considered "Kindergarten Ready" in 2018

By age 3, children from low-income families hear 30 million fewer words than children from high-income families

Up to 90% of brain development occurs by age 5

We know music supports all learning. Music education benefits early learners: infants recognize melodies before they understand words; strong connections exist between rhythm skills and pre-reading abilities in toddlers; song repetition encourages word usage and memorization. That is why we bring the Music Together® curriculum into the classroom. Through studying the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and early childhood learning, Music Together authors Kenneth K. Guilmarten and Lili Levinowitz, Ph.D, created a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on how the brain processes and organizes musical material, how children learn, and how the surrounding environment can support this learning (Hoffman).

Despite the known benefits of music education, music programs do not exist today in most of our preschools and day care centers. Children of low-income families unable to pay for out-of-school-time lessons, start 1st grade already at a disadvantage due to a limited exposure to experiences that stimulate cognitive, social, physical and educational development.

We know music changes lives. We know music heals. We know music brings people together from all different walks of life and builds community. This is why we make music together.

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