Our History

Prelude Music Foundation co-founders, Dr. Ana Trevino-Godfrey and Jonathan Godfrey, have always sought to find ways to share the power of music. A classically trained vocalist, Ana completed her Doctorate of Music at Rice University in 2009 and has taught students from infants to professional singers. Jonathan, a violinist, earned a Masters of Music Degree from Rice University and is currently the concertmaster of Mercury Chamber Orchestra, which he co-founded with Ana in conjunction with Antoine Plante and Lori Muratta. In 2006, Ana and Jonathan started Prelude Music Classes for Children, a music school for children 0-9 years old, which utilizes the Music Together® program. As Prelude grew, they witnessed first-hand the power that music has to transform the lives and relationships of children and parents. And, after hearing from countless families in the Prelude community how music had changed their lives and relationships for the better, Ana and Jonathan knew that they needed to make a larger impact in the Houston community. And so, in 2014, the Prelude Music Foundation was born with the mission to transform the lives of underserved children in Houston through the power of music.

By bringing Music Together, a research based music and movement program that supports Texas Pre-K and Kindergarten Guidelines, to classrooms and providing professional development to the classroom teachers on how to implement the benefits of music in their everyday teaching, the Prelude Music Foundation will ensure that the power of music transforms the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development of every child they serve.

In their first year, the Prelude Music Foundation started in Shearn Elementary, Ninfa Laurenzo Early Childhood Center, and the School at St. George Place serving a total of 385 students. Seeing the positive impacts that music had on the Pre-K students, the parents and staff of the School at St. George Place insisted that the children continue with music into 1st grade and beyond. And, after only two short years of making music with the Foundation, the School at St. George Place created a permanent music program of their own. Since 2014, the Prelude Music Foundation has not only added classrooms at the original schools they served but also established new partnerships with schools including: KIPP: Zenith Academy, Fonwood Early Childhood Center, Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos, and BakerRipley, Ripley House.

With the addition of Fonwood Early Childhood Center and KIPP: Zenith Academy, the Foundation served a total of 597 students in their second year, and in 2016 the number grew again. Supported solely by generous individuals of the Houston community, the Foundation went from serving only 72 students at Fonwood Early Childhood Center to serving the entire school population of 540 students. In 2016, the Prelude Music Foundation entered into a partnership with the Houston Symphony, introducing the Community Embedded Musicians from the Houston Symphony to all 813 students served that year. The Foundation’s partnership with the Houston Symphony continued into 2017 where they served the 848 students of Fonwood Early Childhood Center, Shearn Elementary, Ninfa Laurenzo Early Childhood Center, KIPP: Zenith Academy, and Casa de Esperanza de Los Ninos. The Foundation looks forward to working with the Houston Symphony in 2018 as they add the students at BakerRipley, Ripley House.

In the short amount of time since its inception, the Prelude Music Foundation has served over 3,800 children, impacting the lives and relationships of their families and teachers and building communities of joy, healing, and life-long learning.