"Music Together is a wonderful program, and has been a great impact in my classroom! My class loves it when Ms. Prill comes to visit! I have seen the impact on my quiet and shy students to be able to come out of their shells and participate more in class! The Music Together program has also increased my students’ vocabulary and exposed them to different genres of music. This program also helped with transitions and learning letters of the alphabet! I would strongly recommend this program in schools!"

Ms. Jackson, PK-3 Teacher

"Music Together has brought a sense of family unity to our classroom this year. Overall, this program has given us a musical experience that motivates and inspires a playful and positive attitude toward learning about various types of music. The children enjoy using scarves, shakers, and rods to explore different kinds of beats and feelings that they may have from hearing the music. Each day, they improve their language, social and emotional, and physical development by simply singing and dancing ... We have benefited so much from the Music Together program, and look forward to its lasting effects on our children as they grow and change throughout the school year."

Adrienne McKinney,PK-3 Team Lead

"The Music Together program is a program that gives students the opportunity to love and appreciate music, in addition to allowing them to fearlessly express their creativity. Many of my students were very shy and said little when asked to share their thoughts or demonstrate their emotions but I gradually saw a change in their overall shyness and demeanor. I credit this to their participation in the music program. I have noticed students that once said little, sing and dance during our daily music classes. These students then display the same imaginative freedom and fearlessness during other activities throughout the day, especially during workstations were creativity and academics work hand in hand. The tonal patterns and rhythm exercises have also aided in the overall development of my student’s oral language and has given them the confidence to express themselves using the voice that they found through the Music Together program."

Cecilia Sosa, PK-3 Teacher

“At my school, our Parent Teacher Organization and Prelude have formed a partnership to provide an astonishingly good music program to all of our prekindergarten and kindergarten students … The impact on the students, teachers, and parents has been amazing ... the students are completely engaged in learning and fun activities. I can say unequivocally that is was the impact of the Prelude music program that led our parents to demand music as a foundational part of the curriculum here at the School at St. George Place.”

Dave D. Wheat, Principal