There are four Music Together guides that bring music to over 850 children in four Houston schools and at Casa de Esperanza.

photo Heidi Hock Kaim

KIPP Zenith Academy

A singer, music educator, and mother of two, Heidi Hock Kaim completed her music education/choral music studies degree at the University of Texas. Since 2005, she has taught music in both public and private schools, ranging from toddlers all the way up to 6th grade, in Austin and Houston. She began teaching Music Together at Prelude, in Preschools, and at KIPP in 2015. Heidi truly loves her outreach work and is grateful for the opportunity to bring music to underserved children each week. Although she is no rock star, she certainly feels like one when she steps into the outreach classrooms. These children are hungry for music, connection, community, and love. They sing their little hearts out and dance freely. Heidi strives to teach with a positive, sweet, and energetic presence, always with the focus on the music and connecting to the children. She feels her outreach work has taught her that music can be healing, and can help children see life with new lenses. The most rewarding moments for her are when the children give spontaneous hugs and when they yell, "don't go!" after they sing the Goodbye Song. She recalls many special moments when the children have held each other's hands or put their arms around each other while singing. Heidi feels honored to do this work.

photo Emily Lopater Smith

Ninfa Laurenzo Early Childhood Center and Shearn Elementary

photo Priscilla McAfee

Fonwood Early Childhood Center

photo Dr. Ana Treviño-Godfrey

Casa de Esperanza